Keg Overview

Because we professionally set up

each keg in store there's no need

to add any ice or adjust any

settings, leaving you to enjoy your

event and pour every beer you paid for.

Keg price includes all equipment

and set up. All kegs are 49.5 litres

unless stated. Click here for

delivery charges.



   New keg skins available

           from $19.99


         Kegerator Kegs


Got your own set up? We can

supply kegs for your kegerator.

Call 9370 4111 for pricing.





       BIG RED CUPS !!



Packs of 25 (425ml) just $9.



Packs of 40 (285ml) just $9.



We now have big red cups

                in BLUE!!

     Image result for blue cups

Packs of 25 (425ml) just $9.

Liquor Licensing



Under the Liquor Control Act 1988, it is an offence:
  • to sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or
  • for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises.


Liquor License Details


Licencee Get-a-keg Pty Ltd
Approved Manager Jason Marko
Liquor Licence Number 6030002618


Standard Drinks Guide


Full Strength Beer
4.9% Alc/Vol
  Mid Strength Beer
3.5% Alc/Vol
  Light Beer
2.7% Alc/Vol
1.5   0.7   0.5

MEN (.05 Drivers - Indicative Only)

2 standard drinks 1st hour
1 standard drink every hour after


WOMEN (.05 Drivers - Indicative Only)

1 standard drink 1st hour
1 standard drink every hour after

L & P plate drivers

0% Alcohol Level


House Management Policy of Sexton Cellars®


Sexton Cellars® is committed to minimizing liquor related harm to our customers by the adoption of harm minimization strategies.


Our policy is to serve customers in a friendly, responsible and professional manner.


Staff will not serve liquor to any person under the age of 18 years, or any person who appears to be intoxicated.


The health and wellbeing of our customers and local residents will always be our first priority.


Version 1.0
23 January 2008